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13 Mar 2020

Tattoo 101: Getting Inked in Phuket

Phuket, and Patong in particular, has no shortage of world-class tattoo studios just waiting to get you freshly inked. A bevvy of top local and international talent is ready to bring your design to life, be it traditional, tribal, Thai or custom. Getting a tattoo doesn’t have to be a scary, unhealthy or regrettable experience; it can be a beautiful and memorable undertaking during your vacation in Thailand.

Deciding that you want to get a tattoo is the easy part; choosing your design, location and person to make the tattoo is the hard part. Don’t get overcome with emotion as the big day dawns. Remember, you’re going to have this piece of wearable art on you for a long, long time, so you need to get it right! To be sure you have the best experience possible, this article will guide you through obtaining a tattoo in the Land of Smiles.


Body Art in Thailand

Firstly, let’s discuss the long lineage of body art in Thailand. If you want your tattoo to reflect the culture of your destination, consider getting a tradition sak yant (or yantra) tattoo. This form of body art originated during the Khmer Empire over 2,000 years ago and is still widely popular in Cambodia and Thailand.

No machines are used to create a yantra design. These traditional tattoos are engraved into the skin with a long metal spike or bamboo sharpened to a point. The ritual is typically performed by a Buddhist monk, who dips the needle into ink (sometimes snake venom!) and repeatedly jabs it through the flesh. Yes, it hurts.

Buddhist monks originally engraved yantra into warriors seeking protection and strength in battle. They often covered the entire body from head to toe in magic symbols to prevent knives and arrows from piercing the skin during battle.

Indeed, this type of body art is believed to bring protection and good luck to their wearers. Traditional yantra tattoos are hand-etched onto the skin using sacred geometrical, animal and deity designs accompanied by Pali (Khmer) phrases, mixed with Buddhist prayers. They are believed to imbue the wearer with protection against evil and magic powers, especially good luck, strength, healing and charism.


Getting Inked in Phuket

If you do decide to get inked in Thailand, Phuket is a great place to do it. Tattoo studios are popular on the island, with over a dozen businesses operating in Patong Beach alone. Whether you want a yantra, skull and crossbones, Chinese character or barcode design, you can get it done on the island.

Tattooing is a serious undertaking and requires strict hygiene, skills and patience. The best tattoo studios strictly adhere to safety rules, i.e., using sterilised tools and new needles for each client, and talk to their clients through the whole process before it begins.


Top Ten Tattoo Words of Wisdom

You may have a lot of questions before getting your first tattoo. What should I get? Where should I get it? Who should I get to do it? Is it safe? Will it fade? Will I still love this in twenty years? Trust us, before you get inked, these are good questions to be asking. 

There's a lot more to getting a tattoo than simply walking into a studio and flipping through a catalogue of designs. It would help if you considered many essential factors before making the permanent plunge. To help you go into the experience with eyes wide open, here are our top ten words of wisdom:


  1. Bring a mate – Make sure you have a friend with you, to hold your hand, get you food/drink and generally keep you distracted and upbeat while you get inked. 
  2. Do your homework – Every tattoo artist has their signature style, some are good at portraits and lettering, others aren’t. Pick one that suits your design and personal style.
  3. Keep it personal – Getting tattooed is solely a personal choice – yours and no one else’s; so, choose a design that speaks to you and doesn’t be bullied into what you don’t like.
  4. Take your time – Tattoos should not be gotten on a drunken whim; those are the ones that carry regret. If you decide to get one, wait for a beat (day, week, year), if you still want it, go ahead.
  5. Don’t skimp – Like mum always said, “you get what you pay for”. Now is not the time to be a tight arse. Choose a reputable studio offering quality work.
  6. Feel comfortable – You must feel comfortable in the tattoo studio that you are planning to go to as well as with the person who is giving you the tattoo. 
  7. Start small – Follow your heart, sure; but try to keep it small to start. Don’t jump in with a full back tattoo your first time around, ease in with something more manageable.
  8. Pay attention to placement – Yes, it’s a cliché, but remember, you will have this tattoo forever, so is your forehead, upper arm or neck the best place for it?
  9. Eat before you ink – Definitely eat something before you go. You don’t want to pass out or throw up because you didn’t eat and have low blood sugar levels.
  10. After-ink care– Keeping your tattoo clean and out of the sun in the days following is critical to avoid infection (very nasty!) and fading (UV rays degrade ink). 



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