01 Mar 2022


Update from 1 March, 2022

 Test & Go scheme (Exemption from Quarantine) 


1.1 Fully vaccinated is required for all travelers 18 years of age and older, with vaccine approved by WHO or the Ministry of Health of Thailand no less than 14 days before departure. Travelers who have recovered from COVID-19 infection by medical treatment, and travelers who have received at least 1 dose of an approved vaccine after post-infection must have a certificate of COVID-19 recovery.

1.2 Children under the age of 18 who are travelling with parents are eligible without proof of vaccination.

1.3 Health Insurance with minimum coverage of USD 20,000 should cover the cost of treatment and other medical expenses associated with being infected with COVID-19, including in-patient hospitalisation throughout the entire duration of stay in Thailand

1.4 Medical certificate issued within 72 hours before the travel date with a laboratory result by an RT-PCR method indicating that COVID-19 is not detected. Travelers under 6 years old travelling with parents and have a negative RT-PCR test result within 72 hours before travelling are not required to have a pre-arrival negative RT-PCR test result and can have a saliva test when entering Phuket

1.5 Thailand Pass QR Code: Travelers must submit the registration at a minimum of 7 days prior to the intended travel date at TP.CONSULAR.GO.TH (Test & Go applications will be open from 1 February 2022 at 9:00 hrs. Thailand Time).

• Travelers are required to prepare all documents at least 7 days in advance before processing Thailand Pass to avoid rejection of your Thailand Pass application.

To check your Thailand Pass status, please contact phuket.thailandpass@gmail.com, call +66 (0)76 530 220, or submit the form HERE



2.1 Fully paid reservation confirmation with SHA Extra Plus hotel for Day 1

  •  Day 1: Confirmation of the hotel reservation fee for 1 RT-PCR test
  •  Arriving in Phuket during 00:01 - 18:00 hrs. the day is day 1. Arriving in Phuket during 18:01 - 00:00 hrs. the day after is day 1

2.2 Prearranged transfer on Day 1 from Phuket International Airport to the hotel. For more information of hotel's limousine service, please click HERE

2.3 Advance payment for 1 COVID-19 testing in Phuket: Travelers are required to book and pay for a total of 1 COVID-19 test at WWW.THAILANDPSAS.COM


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3.1 Body temperature check: must not exceed 37.3 Degree Celsius

3.2 Present the Thailand Pass QR Code to the Health Control, then proceed through immigration procedures.

3.3 Arrival COVID-19 testing: Take the RT-PCR test at the airport (Children under 6 years old have saliva test) once done the testing, proceed to Exit No. 2

3.4 Travel to the hotel by the prearranged airport transfer

3.5 Download and install an alert application ‘Mor Chana’ (download for iOS HERE, download for Android HERE) as well as set the application on at all times for the whole duration in Thailand.

3.6 Wait for the test result within the hotel room


4.1 On the first arrival day: travelers are required to stay in a room while waiting for the RT-PCR test results that performed at the airport upon arrival. No visitors are allowed to visit until travelers receive the negative test result (take approximately 24 hours).

If testing negative for COVID-19, travelers can travel anywhere in Thailand, and undergo their second COVID-19 test using the ATK-Kit that provide from arrival day.The second test can also be taken when the travelers experience respiratory symptoms.

If testing positive for COVID-19, travelers will be transferred to the hospital for the medical treatment. The expenses must be covered by the required insurance for foreign travelers, or national healthcare coverage for Thais and eligible foreign expatriates.

4.2 Daily temperature measurement at the hotel: Travelers are required to measure their temperature and record by hotel’s SHA Plus Manager

4.3 Daily MorChana QR code scanning: Travelers are required to scan MorChana QR code with our front desk staff daily

4.4 Strictly follow hygiene requirements by keeping your facemask on and by respecting social distancing in public areas.

Test & Go


5.1 Travelers can travel anywhere in Thailand or leave to other countries. Please follow the guidelines and measures announced by the respective province/country of their destination.

For more information and the latest update, please visit HTTPS://WWW.TATNEWS.ORG/THAILAND-REOPENING


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